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PostaGram Email Address Help

PostaGram Email Addresses are used to deliver your message and photos via email to the PostaGram server. Each PostaGram Email Address has a street address assigned which is the postal delivery address. The name on the street address is the key portion used in the email address. You may be thinking how we could have multiple PostaGram Email Addresses with the exact same name as in and know which street address to use. We use the account From: email address to find the correct street address. So we could literally have hundreds of valid PostaGram Email Addresses like and sort them out to the correct accounts. Just remember that the name used on the street address will be the first part of the email address. If you enter a new street address for the same name it will simply update that record. You may use the PostaGram Email Address as you would for any email you may wish to send. Just remember that the message and all images will create a PostaGram postcard. This includes any that are CC: delivered. So you could send multiple PostaGrams using one email message with attached photos.