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Media Help

Media should only be an audio source, however any web location could be used. The QR code for the source will be print on your PostaGram. Be very carefull to select a source that will add to the value of your message on the postcard. Remember that most YouTube videos will take a lot of bandwidth and time to load. It's best to find a very short mp3 or ring tone. If you have the skill and method to compose a short message or song then by all means post the location of that media. You may try it out before you send the PostaGram by scaning the screen QRcode and see if it works for your needs. If you make no entry here then a generic audio place QRCode will be print that you may update after the card is received! Yes you may update the message audio even after the card is received as often as you wish. Just email or text your audio file to Audio-(postgram number)