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The PostaGram Expert

OK... This is the PostaGram Expert section. As I write new code and change old code I'll just talk about it here. I'll also give out little secrets to make your PostaGram a lot easier to send.

First let me say it's been a long hard row to hoe to gather up all the equipment (servers, networks, printers, paper, ink and etc) to produce the highest quality photo that could have a chance at surviving the US Post Office automatic sorting systems. They are brutal on little postcards.

Second I wish to thank all of you for your support and help in directing us to present the easiest ways to get your postcards in the mail. Without your help we would still be sitting on the bench watching.

Now for the Expert Help!
Use the "Address" area first to place all your contact information in the system! You will find it ready for you to select the address and go.
Just email your photos to to load them into your account. No waiting around for the upload to finish and not really knowing if it actually did finish. Just email or share the attached images and forget it. Now a word about sites that store your images for you. We have found that many of them really do not wish for you to actually have access to your images and photos as you provided them to the site. And if you wish to share them via email they only wish to send out a link to the site for a visitor to see them in a smaller version and some format not usable else-wise. However the ads displayed are clearly present. Find a storage site that will display your photos in the same format and size you up loaded to the site. We are not going to try to "fetch" any photos from other sites to place into your PostaGram PhotoBook. It's just to much muddy water. Get the image displayed and then attach it to an email to You can attach multiple images in the same email. Best if you send these photos to family members and CC: which will work just fine. Then Login to your PostaGram account at and go to the Postcard area. Everything will be there ready for your message.

Now a few tricks while you are traveling. Login to your account, place a few addresses into the Address area and copy the PostaGram Email Address created for each address entered. You will find it is the Name from the address line with underscores _ replacing each space and then on the end.
An Example:
If you simply CC: or BC: this email address when sending out any photo message to other family members then it's received by PostaGram to compose a postcard ready for delivery to the address you first used to make the PostaGram Email Address. It's like every street address in the world and person at these street addresses has a PostaGram Email Address!
You may use it like any email address. The only catch is it must be delivered from your From: PostaGram Account email address. In other words It must actually be from you!

I'll stop for now but more later on the Media Audio.