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Audio Help - New Feature!

Special Note!
This is a new feature which will allow audio to be added or attached to a PostaGram at any time. Yes!!! even after it's mailed! And it may be updated at any time! Yes! Your PostaGram may have audio that updates every day, week or whenever you wish to send an update. All this works by using the PostaGram Number which is a unique number for each postcard. You simply email an audio file to the PostaGram Number and
That's it... It's that simple.

You could send special messages each day to someone holding your PostaGram. The Url is which is encoded on each postcard as a qrcode. Many apps for smart phones and pads may scan and play the audio. Just hold the card, scan and listen while viewing the postcard. We've found it to be a very emotional experience. You have to feel it to understand were we are going with this.

If we break something while we place this feature in service please let us know. You can also let us know if it's working for you.

PostaGram Audio is a storage area for mp3 files. You may add audio to your account by emailing to from your account email address. We know they are your audio files by the From: email address. You may remove audio at any time via the PostaGram login.