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About PostaGram

PostaGram has roots in 1999 when the domain was registered for a public email message board. The idea being a place to post messages for anyone to access using a key word or alias name. The site ran for a short time and it became apparent that a lot of people did not have a computer or connection to the internet. PostaGram then created the email to printed message feature which was formatted to fit the street address within a window envelope and apply first class postage. The address was imbedded in the email address with a plus sign for a new line and spaces replaced with underscores.
PostaGram send out thousands of printed messages using this very simple method. I'm sure that recipients didn't mind that it was a simple printout of an email message as long as they got a message and the added option of seeing a photo attached to that message. People in nursing homes, hospitals, summer camps and even prison could now receive an email message. The prison emails presented PostaGram with a big problem. We had to print a postcard and we had to meter postage or it was promptly returned. No stamps accepted and the postcard had to be from a third party service like PostaGram. So PostaGram printed postcards and letter emails for many years. Customers actually did not need to access the web site to use our service except to assist in formulating a PostaGram Email Address with the imbedded street address. PostaGram looked over the support emails and emailed back the correct PostaGram Email Address. If anyone has one of these old PostaGrams it may be a collectors item by now. Over a period of time most of the manual tech support functions were added to the web site and it became useful to allow only the name portion of the PostaGram Email Address to be used. The address portion could be looked up by checking the From email address and using a list of all the full email address. Today PostaGram still uses the simple PostaGram Email Address to deliver a postcard. The site has very little content because of a wish to keep it very simple. Literally hundreds of customer feedback messages have guided our development of features needed to keep pace with new technologies. Smart phones, iphones, ipads, G4, social networks and a thousand other inventions have exploded onto the networks. PostaGram wishes to simply connect all of that to these persons still not able to have a computer or connection. Now a demand for a better photo has brought PostaGram into the world of high definition everything. We are literally scrambling to keep up with the technologies but the email still stands. PostaGram now has a place to store your photos, an address list and you may send messages via email or visit the site to compose your PostaGram.

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