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What is Postagram®

Sample PostaGram Postcard: You may have all the message characters you wish. Each PostaGram consist of a front and back image usable for social site postings.
Postcard message back image Postcard Address Side
Postcard photo front image Postcard

     PostaGram postcards is a way to send messages and images direct to Street Addresses world wide via mobile phone or computer using photo sharing, texting, email and the web. PostaGrams are print on 4 by 6 inch cards, metered postage applied and sent to the US Postal System. You receive a notice giving a special PostaGram Number for viewing and tracking your PostaGram.

Postagram Via email

     Once a PostaGram Address is created it may be used by You and anyone You authorize to send PostaGrams Postcards. You may create as many PostaGram Addresses as you wish for family and friends to use and receive PostaGrams Postcards.

PostaGram via the web

     Photos may be fetched from any internet site to create a PostaGram postcard. You simply enter the Web Location or URL for the image or a link our scripts my use to find your image. Images are processed in either "as is", Fill or Polaroid format. The "as is" format places the photo on the 4 by 6 postcard with the best fit leaving grey space to fill the card. The "Fill" format will stretch the image to the full 4 by 6 inch postcard. The "Polariod" format will present the image as it may look from a polaroid film. NOTE! We are working on a "Standing In" format to place a persons image in the forground of another image. Yes you may appear to be in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and never have been there.

Payment Method

Payments are accepted by PayPal and assigned to the Member Account Email Address.

     You are welcome to Contact PostaGram with any questions or instructions needed.

     We hope you enjoy PostaGram.

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